Acupuncture: Effective Chinese Medicine

This highly effective system of medical care is based on natural laws which govern the movement of vital energy in our system. This energy, known as “chi” energy, flows throughout our entire being and nourishes our organ systems as well as our emotional and mental functions. Within each of us are major pathways called “meridians” through which this energy flows. Each meridian governs a particular organ and certain systemic functions. We experience health and well-being when our “chi” energy flows freely and smoothly in proper quantity and quality throughout our system. When the movement and distribution of this energy is impaired, imbalance results, which may lead to illness. When we are healthy and resilient, slight imbalances correct themselves. When someone is unable to regain this balance, acupuncture is able to assist the natural pattern of health within the person to restore itself. Through the use of acupuncture, energy can be summoned to areas that need it and dispersed where it is blocked and congested, enabling the person to return to health with greater resistance to disease.

Acupuncture recognizes that each one of us is unique. Ten people can suffer from headaches, for example, yet from the Chinese Medicine perspective, each may be treated differently due to individual variations Whenever a vital function or organ is impaired or imbalanced, our system gives off immediate signs which are perceptible to the skilled practitioner. Taking into account a variety of diagnostic signs as well as your medical and social history and current lifestyle patterns enable the practitioner to determine the particular organs, meridians and functions which need to be strengthened and energized or maybe relaxed and calmed for re-balancing.

Once the diagnosis is determined, treatment can begin by the gentle insertion of very fine filaments (not much wider than a hair width) in the acupuncture points. This affects the flow of energy and catalyzes the body’s own natural healing energies so equilibrium can be restored.

Acupuncture is an excellent source of preventive medicine. We are used to taking our automobiles in for routine and preventive maintenance, yet we rarely treat ourselves with the same care. In this regard, you do not have to be experiencing illness to seek treatment. The diagnostic methods often enable the practitioner to detect an early imbalance before there are any outward signs of disease. By correcting the system at this time, a person’s constitution is strengthened to help prevent illness.

Acupuncture readily compliments other forms of treatment. For example, in a situation where someone who has recently undergone surgery or is receiving chemotherapy, acupuncture can help in supporting a swift recovery or help mitigate the side effects of the cancer treatment.

Chinese Herbs

The systematic use of herbs has been a vital part of Chinese Medicine since its inception. There are times when natural herbal remedies can greatly enhance the healing process. The option of herbal treatment will be discussed if, in your case, if can serve to supplement the acupuncture process.

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