Chinese Medicine in Preventive Health

chinese medicine bethesda, mdMost people are familiar with seeking help from Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, herbs, dietary guidelines and exercise, for a variety of illnesses and symptoms. These include pain, women’s health, respiratory and digestive disorders, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.

However, many are not aware of the role this medicine can play in preventive health and maintaining well being and optimum levels of health. During the diagnostic process, many times imbalances can be detected several months before any symptoms appear.  Correcting them at this point prevents illness and keeps our system functioning at its best.

The diagnostic skills that the practitioner of Chinese Medicine acquires allow for the assessment of subtle signs of imbalance that may be harbingers of health issues in the future if not addressed.  These can be detected through a combination of assessments, including feeling the pulse on the wrist, which, in this system of medicine, is divided into several aspects, each of which reflects the state of balance and health in the organ systems and the overall body and mind.  Tongue diagnosis also gives systemic information about the health of various functions in our system.  Subtle colors on the face, particular body odors, sounds of the voice, emotional reactivity and resiliency, as well as a thorough medical and social history all contribute to understanding the current state of our health.

Treatment can help heal the areas where our system may be faltering and help mobilize the body’s natural ability to right itself.  Many report that after a course of treatment not only are their symptoms improved or eliminated, but also they feel an enhanced sense of well being.

One therefore does not necessarily need to be sick to seek treatment.  Chinese medicine can be a valuable resource in for maintaining a healthy body, balanced emotions and a clear and vibrant mind.